A Tradition of Innovation and Quality

Charlton has been manufacturing top quality tipper bodies for decades.

Each and every one has combined innovative design with the highest standards of fit and finish. The result? Greater durability, higher reliability, a longer working life and the maximum return on investment.

Our SuperLite, GrabLite and QuarryMaster are built to your specification.


For Versatility and Payload

Built entirely in steel with smooth, one piece sides it offers the highest payload in its class – typically around 19.5t with a latest-spec 8×4 chassis. Ideal for aggregates work and multi-purpose tipping, SuperLite is all about practicality, versatility and ease of upkeep. In particular, its curved floor makes ejecting wet and sticky loads easy.

Designed for a long and trouble free working life, SuperLite adds a new dimension to tipping productivity.

Superlite. Performance Assured

Superlite Specification


Strong and streetwise

Our GrabLite body has been specifically designed to work with cranes and grabs. As such, it’s the ideal body for utility and highway work in urban environments.

Similar to SuperLite, GrabLite has two main differences. The first is a completely flat floor to make unloading the body with a clamshell bucket as easy as possible. Second, Grablite has a reduced height headboard giving the crane operator greater rearwards visibility as well as safe access to inside the body. A popular choice, GrabLite is offered in both 6×4 and 8×4 configurations.

Grablite. Streets Ahead

Grablite Specification

Quarry Master

Your heavy duty hero

Quarrymaster is Charlton’s premier tipper body. A double-skinned design built entirely in Hardox, Quarrymaster handles everything.

Operators typically use Quarrymasters for jobs such as muckaway, heavy duty site work, removing demolition spoil and transporting materials for recycling. With unmatched strength, rigidity and resistance to abrasion, Quarrymaster simply out-performs other tipper bodies, however arduous the application.

Quarrymaster Takes It All

Quarry Master Specification

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