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Charlton produces a wide range of bodies in addition to its tippers. Typically, these designs support other vehicle requirements and applications in the various construction – related industries. On top of these, Charlton also has the expertise to build truly ‘one-off’ bespoke designs to suit any particular customer need.

All our bodies are offered with a wide range of optional equipment to suit particular customer requirements and references. By offering the widest range of ‘user – chooser’ options on the market, your body is always exactly the specification you really want.


Anything, anywhere

PlantLite is our body for moving all items of plant and machinery such as diggers, compressors and portakabins. A vital support vehicle for the construction industry, PlantLite bodies work with 8×2 and 8×4 haulage chassis and are typically fitted with large, high tonne / metre capacity cranes, hydraulic beavertail ramps, winches, toolboxes and additional lighting and safety equipment.

Highly bespoke to individual customer requirements, PlantLite bodies now feature a wide variety of hi-tech features including full radio remote control.

PlantLite. Complete Site Service

PlantLite Specification


Deliveries made easy

BuildLite is Charlton’s multi – purpose body for the building trade. It’s strong, light and versatile, so load it with anything you want.

Ideally suited for all truck chassis from 7.5 to 26t gvw, BuildLite typically features a high quality hardwood floor, lightweight aluminium dropsides and a crane mounted either behind the cab or at the back of the
body. Designed to be as practical, safe and easy to use as possible, BuildLite is a long proven design that can nonetheless be made bespoke to almost any individual requirement.

Bagged sand, cement, pipes and metalwork?

BuildLite Delivers Everything

BuildLite Specification


Tailor-made for bulk distribution

For bulk distribution of bricks and blocks, there is no better body than a Charlton BrickLite. Typically operating as a 32t eight wheeler or a 44t drawbar, BrickLite can offer a 20t payload for the former or a 30t payload for the latter. And since such drawbars need trailers, we can build those too.
BrickLite is always built to the exact specification requested, including choice of crane and ancillary equipment. Everything is fitted and finished in our factory, giving you a truck that is immediately ready for work.

BrickLite Gets The Block Vote!

BrickLite  Specification


One name, many uses

RoadLite is our name for Charlton bodies built for Highways applications.

RoadLite models include many different tippers, street lighting trucks and incident response vehicles.

Trucks used for Highways work are many and varied, and Charlton makes bodies for most of them. These include everything from a lightweight 3-Way tipper to an 18t platform with dropsides and a crane through to a particularly complex motorway Incident Response Vehicle. Councils, Local Authorities and third party transport specialists all find Charlton RoadLite bodies ideal for their needs.

RoadLite – Showing The Way

RoadLite Specification

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