All about our Blackburn factory

  • We now have 4 factories in Blackburn
  • Each factory performs a specific function in each tipper build
  • We specialise in tippers for all industry sectors
  • S-Tech servicing and E-Parts online are located at the Blackburn site

In 2001, Thompsons made the huge step of opening its first factory away from the South East. With its local area already familiar with all things tippers, Blackburn in Lancashire was the obvious place to go.

In the succeeding 20 years, the company has also opened an additional three factories. Purpose designed for our needs, the four Blackburn factories allow us to produce bodies with the maximum possible efficiency – so much so that today Blackburn is our largest facility.

Blackburn is an ideal location – in less than two hours travelling time, we can cover everywhere from the Midlands, Liverpool to Hull and into Scotland. As such, we can reach out to hundreds of new customers right across the key industrial regions of the UK, not just for sales but also with vital parts and service support via E-Parts and S-Tech.

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