In Steel or Alloy, the Multi-Purpose Solution

Multimaster sits right in the middle of the Thompsons range. Why? Because it’s curved floor body is just perfect for the widest variety of every day tipping.

For applications in steel, it takes hard, tough jobs in its stride.
In aluminium, its extra payload capacity makes it ideal for sand and gravel work. With standard height or taller sides, Multimaster can carry just about anything.

Multimaster one body for 100 uses.


Multimaster Specification

why multimaster makes tipping easy

  • In steel, combining strength with high payload potential
  • High-capacity option with taller sides and tailgate
  • Top hinged automatic tailgate
  • Double Skinned Domex sides
  • Hardox Floor
  • Curved floor for easy discharge of wet and sticky loads
  • Designed for high production of with minimal cost of ownership
  • Are in high grade steel, ideal for sand, soil and aggregates

Technical Data


  • Axles: 3 axles
  • Nominal Load: 30t
  • Nominal Volume: up to 18m3
  • Suitable chassis: 18t- 32t
  • Side wall height: 900 - 1200mm
  • Tailgate variants: G1, G4, S3


  • Maximum transport volume through a low tare weight
  • Robust version with high overload reserves
  • High tipping and lowering speeds thanks to the innovative system
  • Reduced construction height for low centre of gravity
  • Maintenance-friendly and value preservation through high product quality

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