TW Hookloader

Giving tippers an extra dimension

To many operators, a hookloader offers an extra level of versatility over a normal tipper – simply because as well as working like a standard tipper you can also drop off one body and collect another. Which is why many tipper fleets also now have hookloaders as well.

Ideally suited to high volume waste and recycling work, a hookloader can typically drop off one empty container at a factory then collect another full one from somewhere else – all of which keeps the truck moving and productive. And, of course, hookloader containers can be of different types and sizes too, allowing the truck to serve all types of customers. To support its core tipper operator customer base, Thompsons now offers premium spec hookloader products too.


TW Hookloader Specification

  • Hookloaders can dramatically increase vehicle productivity
  • Thompsons hookloaders offer reliability and durability
  • All operations controlled from inside cab
  • Built to CHEM TS17 quality standard
  • Nationwide customer aftersales support

Technical Data


  • For 3 and 4 axle chassis
  • 26 & 32t GVW, 44t GTW Robust
  • All-steel construction
  • Proven reliability & durability


  • Low height installation Low C of G
  • Maximum stability
  • Powerful hydraulics Fast and efficient operation Simple
  • In-cab controls Ease of use for the driver
  • Container locking system Keeps containers secure
  • ‘Variwidth’ sheeting system Prevents any accidental discharge

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