Totally productive road repair solution

Patchmaster provides a simple practical and cost-effective road repair solution to a problem that’s just about everywhere. Carrying some 2.4 tons of hot asphalt and temperature-regulated, Patchmaster can deliver a whole days worth of minor road repairs without the truck and its crew having to return to base. Easy to use just hitch to a truck like any other 3.5 ton gvw unbraked trailer.

Like every other Thompsons product Patchmaster is a practical cost-effective solution to a specific customer requirement. Built from top quality components and materials it’s the first choice for safe, rugged and reliable operation. Ideal for Councils, Highways authorities, Utilities, Public service operators, Rental companies and Small private contractors.


PatchMaster Specification


  • Next to no maintenance for cost of ownership
  • Reliable, sturdy axles
  • Easy access for shovels
  • Space for one or two gas bottles
  • Large wide doors make loading easy
  • Payload well over two tons
  • Heavy duty towing a frame
  • Lightweight rear bumper
  • Weather proof control box

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