TW Skiploader

For Truck Chassis 18/26 Tonnes GVW
For Truck Chassis 26 Tonnes GVW/44 Tonnes GTW

Thompsons T-Waste Skiploaders are firm favourites for their strength, durability and reliability. As such, they deliver outstanding performance and productivity.

From 18T chassis to 44T six wheelers working in intensive industrial applications, operators can count on Thompsons T-Waste Skiploaders to move heavier and bulkier loads with ease and efficiency. As such, they are now a first choice for arduous applications such as metals and glass recycling. Equally important as vehicle performance, Thompsons T-Waste back-up and service support is genuinely second to none. All of which means that Thompsons T-Waste skiploaders deliver an unrivalled operating solution.


TW Skiploader Specification

  • 14/18 tonnes lift capacity DEPENDING ON CHASSIS
  • Independently operating arms and feet
  • Fast lift-off for empty containers
  • Constructed in heavy duty Domex / Hardox steel
  • 3550kgs unladen
  • Steel headboard and heavy duty wear plates
  • Optional remote control
  • Bent axis piston pump and hose burst protection
  • Built to CHEM TS16 standard
  • Integrated ‘Variwidth’ adjustable sheeting system
  • Built to CHEM TS17 standard

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