Latest Info | 3rd Oct

It says something when a leading tipper operator continues to buy essentially the same spec of truck, year after year after year. The same type of body, the same choice of tipping gear, and the same make and layout of chassis. So might the company concerned be open to a slight charge of complacency by seemingly ignoring all the recent areas of ‘progress’ made by the various truck producers?

“We created what we believe to be the optimum tipper vehicle many years ago, and we’ve stuck with it ever since” says Joe Overton, Transport and Sales Director of Essex – based TMC Haulage Ltd. “The tippers we want have to provide a combined series of benefits that surpass any alternatives. We have to cover all the key operating issues such as overall reliability, payload capacity, fuel economy, driver acceptability, after sales support and final residual value. At the end of the day, it’s simply all about working out the total ‘whole life’ economics of running tipper trucks, and squeezing the maximum possible productivity out of them.

Because of their proven track record, our latest six vehicles delivered in 2022 continue much as before. After years – decades even – of experience, we’ve yet to see anything that can match the overall long term cost – effectiveness of a combined tipper package of Charlton bodies, Binotto tipping gears and Scania chassis. Obviously these products continue to evolve too, so we are never actually just standing still. ”

Another factor comes into TMC’s buying decision too. In the face of the increased complexity of modern trucks, Joe believes there’s also a strong case for trying to keep things as simple, practical and efficient as possible.

“Take the Charlton SuperLite body” he says. “In my book, it’s a classic. It has smooth, single piece sides as well as a curved floor that makes tipping a load that much easier. It’s built in top quality steel yet offers a class – leading payload. It’s a design that’s as simple and no-frills as can be, and because of that delivers both reliability and durability. We also spec them with Binotto’s lightweight MFC separate ram and tank front end tipping gears which work day in, day out without issue.”

Completing TMC’s ‘only – choice’ tipper spec is Scania’s evergreen 8×4 chassis in the conventional axle layout of two steering axles at the front and a double drive bogie at the back. In this well – proven configuration unladen weight is kept to a minimum, giving the trucks a typical 19,500kgs carrying capacity. In short, everything is kept as simple as possible.

“When we come to move our vehicles on”, says Joe, “their second owners appreciate the obvious benefits of buying a top quality tipper in a spec that’s entirely familiar to them, whilst also being highly versatile, easy to look after and inexpensive to maintain. Having tippers that second owners really want to buy then gives us the best possible residual values.”

No matter how ‘standard’ TMC’s tippers might be, their actual performance and productivity has moved on considerably in recent years. Their Charlton bodies are now made of stronger yet lighter Hardox steel, adding to both carrying capacity and durability. Similarly, their Binotto front end gears combine strength and low weight, as well as being faster through the tipping cycle.

Jamie Clarke, Sales Manager for Binotto UK says “TMC has now specified Binotto gears for well over 20 years. Not only is the product exceptionally reliable, but we strive to offer an unmatched aftersales service as well. Thinking like a tipper operator and what a tipper operator needs is the real key to everything we do.”

Founded in 1980 and based in Witham, TMC currently runs 24 trucks, typically replacing 5 or 6 vehicles every year. Finished off in their ultra – smart dark green and yellow livery, the trucks work across Essex, Suffolk and London carrying primary and recycled aggregates, muck and soil, demolition debris and a wide variety of waste products.

TMC also offers tipper grab services too.