For trucks, tractor units and trailers – Thompsons ServiceTech provides open – ended support to Monks Contractors

Latest News | 3rd Oct

One of the north’s leading specialist haulage companies now takes full benefit from Thompsons ServiceTech’s ability to provide the widest range of product support services – for both new trucks and those already hard at work.

Now running a total of 50 artics and rigids on waste collection, landfill and recycling work, Lancashire – based Monks Contractors has an ongoing need for professional backup and support that goes well beyond the established schemes already offered by the truck chassis manufacturers.

Director Chris Monk says:

Thompsons ServiceTech gives us a level of support that’s genuinely hard to beat. Where ServiceTech really scores is in the range of services it offers for specialist components and bodywork

The Monks Contractors vehicle fleet features a wide range of top-spec, heavy duty trucks that are carefully configured to make light work of their arduous tasks. Notable among these are six recently delivered Renault double drive tractors, a wide variety of Volvo FH 6×2 and 6×4 tractors, FMX 8×4 rigids and, most recently, a pair of brand new ’68’ registered Scania XT hookloaders.

Chris says:

Before they go on the road, our tractors all go to ServiceTech for the fitting of their hydraulics and wet kits. Thompsons must have done over 50 tractor wet kits for us by now. We see this as a specialist area of engineering so we want the people with the most knowledge and experience doing the work. Similarly, we need a proven, professional level of response if there’s ever a problem with a vehicle in service.

Recently we had just such an issue with a faulty pump with one of our vehicles stuck on a landfill site.
ServiceTech responded immediately, came to the site, got the unit swapped over and the truck was soon on its way. That’s the real world we all work in, and it’s good to see others having the ability to respond quickly and professionally when the need arises.

Whilst the core of the Monks fleet are artics, rigid 8×4 hookloaders are steadily becoming more prominent. Drawing Monks and Thompsons even closer together is the fact that ServiceTech is now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hookloaders and skiploaders, with the result that Thompsons has fitted and supplied six new hookloaders to Monks in the last year, four on Volvo FMX chassis and two on Scania XTs.

With vehicles operating in such arduous conditions effective maintenance support is absolutely vital to keep the trucks moving, which is why Monks now also relies on Thompsons for many of its ad hoc needs such as routine trailer servicing and repairs.

As ServiceTech manager Nathan Ewins notes:

ServiceTech now offers truck operators a virtually unlimited range of services for bodywork and specialist components. We can supply and fit everything from tractor kits, catwalks, cranes and sheeting systems through to complete new skiploaders and hookloaders, all backed up by extensive facilities for repair, refurbishment, shotblasting and paint. Our relationship with Monks goes back some 15 years – which suggests there’s real value in everything we do.

Chris Monk concludes by saying:

In our experience, the range of services, capability and depth of expertise that ServiceTech offers are quite unique.