Now we can do more: Thompsons ServiceTech debuts at TIP-Ex

Latest News | 16th May

Reflecting a huge growth in its service and support activities, Thompsons will be introducing its all – new ServiceTech business unit at this year’s TIP-Ex Show.

ServiceTech’s mission is to provide operators in the tipping, waste and environmental services industries with an ever wider range of after-sales and specialist engineering activities.

These include delivering not just Thompsons TOTAL, the company’s market – leading tipper support service, but also the fitting of bodywork for skiploaders and hookloaders, installing cranes and tractor kits, providing bodywork repairs to rigid tippers and trailers as well as general maintenance services, vehicle refurbishment, shotblasting and paint.

Headed up by manager Nathan Ewins, ServiceTech has been set up as a separate entity within the wider Thompsons Group. Of particular significance, Thompsons has now dedicated the whole workshop area of its latest Site 3 factory in Blackburn to the new ServiceTech operation.

Prompting this latest development, in the last 12 months turnover for the previous Thompsons Spares & Service business has jumped by over 30%, with headcount being increased from 12 to 20.

From overhead gantry cranes to a latest technology shotblast and paint facility, everything in ServiceTech’s Site 3 factory has been fitted out from new. As a result, work can be delivered with speedier turnaround, greater efficiency and the highest possible quality.

Central to ServiceTech’s activities is the fitting of bodywork for hookloaders and skiploaders, with over 250 such units being delivered to truck operators in the last year alone.

As Nathan Ewins comments

“Establishing ServiceTech in the way that we have with a £2.5m plus investment gives us a real base to further develop our services into the future. In particular, we can now go beyond looking after just tippers as today many of our clients run multiple vehicle types in many different applications. The tipping, waste and environmental services industries are coming ever closer together which is why ServiceTech, with its unique combination of expertise and capability, can provide these operators with immediate and obvious benefits.”

Within Thompsons itself, the establishment of ServiceTech to focus on specific service issues also gives the company’s highly successful internet – based eParts operation a greater degree of autonomy and opportunity.

“To date, Thompsons Spares & Service has always been an essentially combined activity” says director Simon Shields. “For the future, and to allow the Parts and Service areas to grow even stronger, we need to provide each of them with their own individual market focus.

As distinct business units, ServiceTech and eParts can now do just that.”