A tipper that’s truly exceptional – Andy Reed’s ‘Double Dutch’ Loadmaster

Latest News | 27th Jun

Once in a while, a truck comes along that is a true jaw – dropper.

A ‘stop you in your tracks’ vehicle that, in every way, re-boots your imagination as to what the highest possible execution of a commercial vehicle might actually look like.

A truck truly without limits.

Such a truck is ACR Tipping Services’ all – new Scania R cab Loadmaster tipper, somewhat intriguingly christened ‘Double Dutch.’ And whilst many other trucks may have a similar number of ‘bells and whistles’ in their specifications, it’s the sheer quality of how Andy’s truck actually LOOKS that puts it on a completely separate level.

“I’ve always liked the traditional, slightly retro look of many Dutch liveried vehicles” says ACR owner Andy Reed, “and I wanted to recreate that image on this, my first ever new truck. To get the result exactly right, many of the detail parts such as the mudflaps, extra lights and the main Scania logo on the front grille actually had to be sourced in Holland.

The whole project has taken a huge amount of time – and with considerable difficulties along the way – but I’m more than pleased with the end result.”

What’s really striking about Andy’s truck is its extraordinary level of detailing, with the whole truck then finished off in a particularly pleasing combination of colours. Ideally chosen shades of blue and grey combined with white stripe detailing results in a highly professional, non – aggressive image that’s notably easy on the eye, thereby amplifying even further the fabulous image of the whole vehicle.

A true labour of love, the paint job itself was done in many stages, taking a full 9 months from start to finish!

But however great its visual appeal, ‘Double Dutch’ has to earn its keep as a working truck. And with Andy’s total commitment to producing the ultimate tipper, how could it have any body other than a full – spec Thompsons Loadmaster?

In addition to the standard Loadmaster spec, Andy’s truck also features full-length detachable steel bodyside extensions that sit neatly between the body’s raised headboard at the front and the tailgate hinge at the rear. Fully removable, the principal purpose of the extensions is to provide additional load retention and security, although extra payload volume can also be achieved with lighter or more voluminous cargoes.

“All in all, it’s been one incredible project, and the result is a tipper that’s truly unique” says Andy Reed.

Based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, local road users of every type will surely agree!