Thompsons TOTAL – the future of Tipper industry aftercare

Latest News | 26th May

TIP-Ex 2016 sees the introduction of ‘Thompsons TOTAL’ – the UK’s first fully comprehensive aftercare package for tipper trucks and their bodywork.

As the clear market leader for sales of new tipper bodywork, Thompsons is now placing a major focus on supporting its customers and their trucks throughout their working lifetime.

The key to Thompsons TOTAL is maximising vehicle ‘up-time’ to help tipper operators achieve the highest possible performance and productivity from their trucks. Tippers that are working earn money – trucks that aren’t cost cold, hard cash.

For customers purchasing a new Thompsons body, their TOTAL package begins on ‘Day 1’ thanks to Thompsons offering the best warranty in the UK tipper industry – 3 years covering all materials and manufacturing on the core Thompsons body (excluding damage or defect from improper use). In this way, the ‘helping hand’ of Thompsons TOTAL starts right at the outset.

Central also to TOTAL is Thompsons’ rapidly expanding field service activity.

Operating from any of the seven Thompsons Group sites in Croydon, Blackburn and Dover – with additional support coming via a network of fully accredited third party dealers – Thompsons is the first UK tipper bodybuilder to be able to provide operators everywhere with genuine on – site support.

Larger jobs that cannot be fixed on-site (such as accident damage for example) can be addressed by the facility for extensive workshop repairs at any of Thompsons factories.

Reflecting a burgeoning need for field – based tipper service, in the last year alone Thompsons after-sales Service activity grew by a remarkable 50%. In turn, Thompsons now has more vans and personnel on the road than ever before.

Effective, speedy response to keep the UK’s tipper trucks working is what Thompsons TOTAL is all about. But this isn’t only about Service, but Parts as well.

Since its launch 3 years ago, Thompsons unique internet – based eParts programme has gone from strength to strength, steadily adding more lines alongside rapidly increasing sales. Why has this activity proven so successful? Simply because by using Thompsons eParts tipper operators get the parts they need via a process that combines simple, easy ordering with speedy delivery and highly competitive pricing.

Another advantage of Thompsons eParts is the essentially unlimited number of parts lines that can be put onto the system, whilst simultaneously avoiding the need for carrying large – scale stocks of parts at all the various Thompsons sites.

Alternatively, for the many local operators wishing to call and collect their parts, whilst also perhaps seeking technical advice, the dedicated staff at every Thompsons Parts counter continue to offer a friendly, personal service that’s second to none.

Each of the Thompsons sites also offers local van delivery of parts as well.

With so much aftermarket support on offer, Thompsons has judged that now is the time to pull all these activities together as essentially integrated components of a single comprehensive package.

“Thompsons TOTAL is now the brand name that brings all our aftermarket services together” says Thompsons Director Scott Burton.

“For the first time, tipper operators will see a complete picture of the wide range of aftermarket services that Thompsons provides. Today, no other tipper bodybuilder comes even close to what Thompsons offers. For tomorrow, we will doubtless go further still. By more closely integrating all our aftermarket services together, TOTAL will almost certainly lead us into new directions in the future.

In short, Thompsons TOTAL demonstrates our fullest possible commitment to our products over their working lifetime. As such, our customers can only benefit.”

Thompsons TOTAL will begin in earnest at TIP-Ex in Harrogate!