Murdoch’s Loadmasters introduce Volvo FMX 8×4 with lifting rear axle

Latest News | 3rd Aug

Here at Thompsons, we’re really a modest lot – which is why in this news release the UK’s top selling tipper body isn’t the main focus of our story!

Rather, it’s J&M Murdoch’s latest tipper chassis that are particularly newsworthy.

Why? Because Murdoch has just put into operation two of the very latest Volvo FMX eight wheelers. Complete with their Loadmaster bodies, these particular trucks combine a double drive back end and a lifting rear axle.

Yet another version of Volvo’s top selling tipper chassis, the new Murdoch trucks are very likely the first of their kind in UK service.

“We’ve run Volvo trucks for years now” says Murdoch director Tony Cairns “and know them to be absolutely ideal for our business. The FMX in particular is a first class tipper chassis – really tough and exceptionally reliable. But we also like the way that Volvo is continuously innovating – and this new model looks really interesting. On the one hand we have all the traditional grip and traction of two driven axles whilst on the other, when the rearmost axle is lifted to shorten the effective wheelbase, we have similar manoeuvrability to a six wheeler.

For our type of operation, that’s an ideal combination.”

There are other benefits too. In single drive mode with the rearmost axle lifted, driveline efficiency is improved, thereby boosting fuel economy. Additionally, tyre costs are also much reduced.

Just like every other tipper in the 50 – plus strong Murdoch fleet, the new Volvos are fitted with Thompsons Loadmaster bodies. Built 100% in steel, Loadmaster has an unmatched reputation for strength and durability, which is why many UK tipper operators have made it their first choice tipper body for well over a decade.

Based at Neilston, south of Glasgow, J&M Murdoch has grown rapidly in recent years, with particular importance being placed on developing its in – house waste management and recycling facilities. As well as tippers, the company operates a wide variety of trucks including articulated vehicles for plant and machinery transport, skiploaders, hookloaders, vacuum tankers, flatbeds and road sweepers.

“The key issue for us is always having vehicles available and ready for work” says Tony Cairns, who also notes that “by combining Volvo’s FMX chassis with Thompsons Loadmaster bodies we have a rock solid tipper truck that’s more than capable of handling any job we put them to.”

As the UK’s leading tipper bodybuilder, Thompsons sees the Scottish tipper market as fundamental to its long term growth.

Scottish Sales Manager Tony Stevenson comments “The tipper market north of the Border remains particularly strong, and Thompsons is fully committed to expanding not just its sales but also its TOTAL parts and service support as well.

Naturally, we are particularly pleased to have once again supplied our Loadmaster bodies to J&M Murdoch for their latest generation Volvo tippers.”

Photographs: 3 views of the new FMX 8×4 with lifting rear axle, plus Tony Stevenson, Sales Manager for Thompsons in Scotland