John Hayes’ perfect tipper, with a body of evidence all in Loadmaster’s favour!

Latest News | 26th May

Today, Thompsons all – steel Loadmaster tipper body is more popular than ever. Even for customers buying a single example, again and again Loadmaster really is the heart of their truck.

Now the fourth vehicle in his fleet, John Hayes of Hayes Tipper Hire in Oxford has just bought his first ever brand new tipper.

“Experience has shown that in this industry it’s the body that really counts” he says, adding “it’s the body that does all the work, takes all the knocks, the impact and the abrasion. Get the body right and you’re almost certain to get the truck right.”

In running tippers, small firms have to be 100% versatile, which means their trucks have to be able to handle any type of work that comes along, from lighter sand and gravel work through to heavy duty muckshifting.

Double skinned, with four cornerposts and built in Hardox, nothing matches Thompsons’ full – spec Loadmaster in its ability to move absolutely anything.

But it’s also how John Hayes has specced the rest of his truck to suit the Loadmaster that’s particularly interesting.

His chassis is a 450hp Scania with a Streamline R cab, finely tuned for a long life on tipper work.

“The cab might look big and heavy, but the extra size is really just fresh air” says John. “The weight increase for it is minimal. Then, the 450hp engine needs SCR exhaust treatment only, again saving a bit of weight as well as technical complexity.

I also chose a manual gearbox, which is better for tipper work as well as being significantly lighter than an automatic.
And whilst the aluminium wheels look very attractive, 12 of them also save a lot of weight. So even with its full – spec steel Loadmaster, this tipper’s unladen weight is barely over 13,200kgs ready to go. As a truck to live in and work with, it’s unbeatable.”

Significantly, the other three trucks in John Hayes’ fleet have Thompsons bodies too. All purchased as used trucks, their similar Loadmasters have proved their worth in durability and reliability time and again.

“One truck I bought in Scotland” adds John, “and it needed a new body. Initially it went to a bodybuilder in northern England, but after weeks of nothing happening I phoned Thompsons in Croydon and they got things rolling right away. Smaller operators really need service like that.

For our business, Thompsons does the whole package. The Loadmaster the only body I would buy – not just for its performance, but also for Thompsons’ complete service and support as well.”