COVID Statement from the Thompsons UK Team

Latest News | 6th Jan

Dear all,

Once again the UK is in a COVID lockdown. Despite all the limitations that this brings we confirm that Thompsons is, in every way, very much open for business. As such, if you work in tipping, construction, infrastructure, waste or utilities, Thompsons is now more than ever your proven partner. Having learned many lessons from last year’s events, we know that we can still deliver 99% of what our employees require and our customers need.
As from today, our business runs on the following guidelines:

Our first duty is to our employees, their families and our local communities, so all the new procedures that we introduced in 2020 carry on today. This is a continuing learning process, and where we can further devise better, safer ways of doing things we will introduce those improvements immediately.

In terms of delivery of bodywork, the same is true again. Where we can improve, we will. We learned a lot of lessons in 2020, so we are well set up to tackle the current situation with the minimum of further disruption. We will do our utmost to meet agreed schedules.

Serving our customers as best we possibly can is our sole mission. Whatever the difficulties, this does not change one iota. However, the way we do this must again closely follow along the lines it did in 2020.

Sales – for Thompsons sales, please contact Scott, Simon, Ian Chaplin, Scott Dunn, Sheri Gibbons or Angus McIntosh by phone or email in the normal way. For Charlton, it’s Andrew Gunn. If you don’t get through the first time, we WILL get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

As for visits to our sites, we regret that general ad – hoc visits are not now possible. Any other visit must now be booked in with us in advance and various procedures will apply during your time with us.

Parts – Thompsons will continue to provide the best after sales support in our industry. For Parts, the great majority of what you might need is available over the internet via our Thompsons eParts system. It’s easy to use, fast and very affordable. If you need to speak to us on a Parts issue, then please contact :
Dave Lees in Blackburn on 01254 914750 / 07714 772108
Charlie Bevan in Croydon on 01689 843016.
Stewart Dick in Edinburgh on 0131 357 0000
Bob Olver (for Charlton) in Dover on 01304 802900

Service – We continue to offer a full range of service and repairs for your tippers, either at our sites or with you. Thompsons ServiceTech is a unique facility among tipper bodybuilders, one that in challenging times is now proving its worth more strongly than ever.

For tippers (whether they have our bodies or not), hooklifts, skiploaders or trailers, we’ll provide all the service your vehicles require. Just contact Thompsons ServiceTech directly on 01254 914800 and we’ll get you sorted.

All supplies of physical goods need to be booked in with the relevant Thompsons Site in advance. Drivers of delivery vehicles will only be permitted to enter our premises when accompanied by a Thompsons employee. As everyone’s health remains our priority, the wearing of masks and hand sanitation are mandatory at every Thompsons Group location.

Together, we will beat COVID and emerge stronger from it.

Stay safe, and thank you.

Scott Burton / Simon Shields
Joint Managing Directors