Ashvale’s ten new Thompsons N3 Tippers get top marks for performance, safety and road user friendliness

Thursday, 16th July 2020


Part of the M O’Brien Group, Ashvale Haulage of St. Albans has recently put into service ten new Thompsons – bodied ’20 reg’ tippers. Purchased primarily for working in London and on motorways, the new trucks have been built to ‘N3’ on-road specification, thereby combining the highest levels of performance with optimum safety and road-friendliness to the wider urban road user environment.

Whatever Ashvale’s tipper applications, on-road or off, the new trucks continue the company’s long – standing policy of making Thompsons’ all – steel Loadmaster Lite body the central component in its tipper specifications. Now mounted on Scania’s latest XT chassis, the ever – popular Loadmaster Lite is a single – skinned body design that offers the optimal balance between strength, durability and high carrying capacity. As a result, Loadmaster Lite is entirely suitable for the whole range of Ashvale’s tipper tasks whether carrying stone, aggregates, recycled materials, muckaway or rubble and demolition.

Ashvale Haulage’s managing director James O’ Donnell. says:

“For our needs, Loadmaster Lite is simply an unbeatable tipper body. We never need to think that there’s any job above what a Loadmaster can safely handle, so in that sense it’s a supremely versatile, universal solution for each and every requirement that comes along. We also spec our bodies with Thompsons air – operated automatic tailgates, which not only provide real a safety bonus by allowing the drivers to stay inside their cabs but also speeds up the whole tipping process as well.”

The obvious visual features of the N3 specification include a reduced ground clearance over typical off-road (N3G) tippers as well as the rear wheels having four individual mudguards for maximum spray suppression. The new trucks are also fully compliant with the latest Direct Vision requirements shortly coming into force.

Ashvale’s latest tippers also continue the company’s policy of fitting HARSH high stability underfloor tipping gears.

James adds:

“Unlike a front end gear, the HARSH underfloor design has an additional stability frame that keeps the body firmly in line with the chassis when tipping, as a result, the truck is much more stable when the body is raised – a key safety factor when tipping on soft or uneven ground. Axle loads are also optimised with underfloor gears as the body can be brought that bit further forward into the space where a front end tipping gear would be. ”

Providing a complete range of haulage, transport and earthworks services, Ashvale firmly believes that operating top – spec trucks pays real dividends. Now operating some 60 tippers, Ashvale is accredited to the highest FORS Gold standard with all its vehicles also finished to full Crossrail and Chapter 8 signage specifications.

As well as having an extensive ‘Zero Harm’ operating policy, Ashvale also provides regular in – house training for its drivers.

With all 10 of the recently delivered tippers now hard at work, Ashvale has already ordered another 20 similar trucks for delivery towards the end of this year.

Speaking for Thompsons, Joint Managing Director Scott Burton says:

“Our sincere thanks to James and the team at Ashvale for once again choosing Loadmaster for their latest 10 tippers. Achieving significant repeat business like this is the very essence of what Thompsons is all about, and is hence a true reflection of the quality of both our products and our people.

As one of the leading tipper operators in the South East, we look forward to working closely with Ashvale for many years to come.”

L Lynch marks its 40th birthday with a new fleet of Thompsons tippers

Tuesday, 7th July 2020


Established 40 years ago and now a national leader in its field, L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage is marking its four decades in business with the purchase of 14 new Thompsons tippers, ten being conventional front end models with the remaining four as tipper grabs.

Built on 430hp Volvo FM 8×4 chassis, the new trucks are a significant business win for Thompsons’ Croydon factory as Lynch replaces earlier vehicles in its fleet fitted with other makes of tipper bodies.

Stephen Bremner, Lynch’s Head of Transport Services & Compliance, says that:

“For obvious reasons, the business environment today is now more difficult and challenging than ever, in turn we need the most robust, reliable and cost-effective tippers we can get. What matters most is to have really versatile tippers that can work without fuss or compromise on each and every job that comes along. Thompsons bodies have the pre-eminent reputation in the tipping industry whether for build quality, performance or returning the lowest whole life costs. As such, they promise to give us an excellent return on our investment.”

The ten front end tippers all feature Thompsons all – steel single skinned Loadmaster Lite tipper body, whereas the four crane – fitted grab models have been specified with the heavier duty, double skinned full – spec Loadmaster. Between the two types, Lynch’s new tippers are more than capable of handling any task that comes along.

Started by Liam Lynch in 1980 with a single excavator, the company has evolved year on year into a genuine industry leader thanks to a clear vision to be recognised as the ‘Best Operated Plant Hire and Haulage Provider Nationwide’. Complementing the company’s hundreds of items of plant equipment, its 60 – plus tipper fleet is engaged in a wide variety of work, most notably key infrastructure projects such as the recent A14 upgrade in Cambridgeshire and HS2.

Commenting for Thompsons, Joint Managing Director Scott Burton notes:

“We’re delighted to have secured this major piece of business from Lynch, and thank them for placing their trust in us and our products. Our aim is always to deliver increased productivity with greater cost-effectiveness and lower whole life costs, so that operators can actually prove to themselves that buying the best tipper body available pays real long term dividends.

For precisely this reason, Loadmaster further secures its position as the UK’s all – time top selling tipper body.”

Need greater versatility? Thompsons creates bespoke tar bodies for Gem Contracts’ new ’20 reg’ tippers

Tuesday, 17th March 2020


The issue: tippers doing tar work need insulated bodies to keep the load hot. Insulation adds weight, so the bodies are constructed not in steel but in lighter aluminium. However, aluminium is less durable than steel, which therefore limits the type of loads that the truck can carry, reducing its operating versatility. So what’s the solution?

Answer – turn to Thompsons.

And that’s exactly what Gary Morgan of GEM Contracts Ltd of Stirling did for his latest two ’20 reg’ Scania G500 tippers.

Gary says,

“If anyone can come up with an ideal tar body, it’s Thompsons. We bought our first body from Thompsons Scotland a couple of years ago, and it’s been absolutely fault – free with zero downtime. It’s been a perfect product for the job, but now we need to take our trucks a stage further to be similarly successful over a wider range of tasks. So we asked David Penman and his team at Thompsons Edinburgh to give us an optimum bodywork solution.”

Which they duly did, producing two carefully reconfigured bodies mounted on a pair of top – spec sleeper cabbed G500 Scania 8×4 chassis. Despite Gary’s new Tarmac – liveried trucks looking very similar to other examples of the genre, their bodies are different in one key area – the inclusion of a 3.2mm thick steel Hardox floor liner that essentially makes them a highly innovative composite design built in both alloy and steel.

Whilst the floor liner adds to the vehicle’s unladen weight, Gary has offset around 240kgs of this by fitting the Scanias with alloy wheels, as well as a lightweight Edbro CX15 front end cylinder. Empty, the trucks tip the scales at a very respectable 12,400 kgs, thereby allowing a carrying capacity of over 19.5 tonnes.

Gary adds,

“Now equally suited to carrying tar, aggregates and heavier stone products, these new Thompsons bodies significantly extend the range of what our trucks can do. What’s ultimately important to us is a tipper’s whole life costs. This latest body spec promises an increased capacity for work over a pure alloy design, but without the risk of extra maintenance costs or unplanned downtime. Residual values are important too, so we are now investing in trucks that should give us the maximum possible return when we come to sell them.

Thompsons Edinburgh really are masters of their craft, and we’ve already ordered a fifth body from them for our next vehicle due for delivery in September. At that point, all our tippers will be 100% Thompsons!”

Speaking for Thompsons Tippers Scotland, factory manager David Penman comments,

“We’re delighted to have come up with an ideal solution for Gary’s needs. These new bodies demonstrate not only how Thompsons continually evolves its products to meet changing patterns of truck operation, but also that we place particular emphasis on working closely with our customers to really understand and deliver on their requirements.”

Thompsons revolutionary 8×4 side tipping grab truck set to deliver massive gains in operating performance

Tuesday, 20th February 2018


Already the clear leader in the UK’s highly buoyant market for 8×4 tipper grabs, Thompsons has now introduced a novel side – tipping design that will deliver massive gains in operating performance.

Aimed squarely at the utilities sector, this latest highly innovative Thompsons body design offers the unique combination of not just a full length side tipping body but also a rear mounted crane and grab. By bringing these features together into a singularly unique package operators can expect dramatically improved versatility and productivity.

As a key feature, the new side tipper’s rear mounted crane offers a hugely increased sweep area, effectively covering the entire area around the truck behind its cab. By being fully able to work all around the rear of the vehicle, this new Thompsons tipper effectively gains a third ‘side’ to its capability whereas conventional tipper grabs are limited to just two.

And because the side tipper’s crane covers a much greater pick-up area, any time – consuming need for the truck to shift its position when taking on loads is significantly reduced.

Further benefits are also apparent when unloading. Conventional tipper grab trucks can only unload from their sides – into pavement areas and trenches for example – with their buckets. At its maximum, each bucket will only be carrying around a tonne of material, so offloading a typical 15 tonnes payload takes time.

In contrast, a side tipper has the ability to eject the whole load in a single tip. And with the load sliding out over the body’s lowered dropsides, that load can also be placed very accurately. Equally, part – load discharge is also an option thanks to easy controllability of the tipping operation (ideal for working with road crews when the truck is moving forward at walking speed).

An all – new design, the Thompsons side tipper body is built up from a 5mm steel floor with single piece steel dropsides that are hydraulically opened and closed. Completing the package, both the compact HARSH ‘pot ram’ tipping gear and Epsilon / Kinshofer crane equipment are already highly familiar standard products in this marketplace.

Having identified a clear need to create a new product in the tipper grab market, the new truck is the result of a team effort between Thompsons, LC Vehicle Hire in Leeds and T&K Gallagher of Manchester. Based at Thompsons HQ in Croydon, Neil Griffin led the overall design effort with Phil Sutcliffe and Yogi Patel taking charge of the body’s production in Blackburn.

Thompsons Director Simon Shields comments;

“it’s not that often that we’re able to introduce an entirely new body into the Thompsons range. Already clear leaders in the tipper grab sector, this latest product again demonstrates our passion and commitment for evolving new products that deliver real operating benefits to our customers. And people like what they see – before this new truck has even gone on the road, we’ve got multiple further orders from customers in both north and south England.

We consider this truck offers a genuine step change in specialist tipper operations.”

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