Thompsons range – leading Loadmaster gets a major update, with Cappagh taking the first 40!

Monday, 23rd November 2020


Thompsons has introduced a major upgrade to its range – leading heavy duty Loadmaster tipper body. From now on, this super – tough, double – skinned design is being built without front cornerposts. And the first 40 such examples are going to London – based Cappagh.

Thompsons Joint Managing Director Scott Burton says

“Loadmaster was first introduced 25 years ago, and its reputation for reliability and durability in the most arduous conditions is simply unequalled. The original double – skinned design featured cornerposts front and rear to provide the maximum possible strength and rigidity. Today though, thanks to ever higher material quality and our more advanced production processes, we are introducing a revised design offering exactly the same performance, but without the front cornerposts.

Aside from saving a valuable 100kgs in weight this new, simpler, design is also easier and faster to build, thereby boosting our factory productivity. So this latest Loadmaster benefits everyone.”

Significantly, Wimbledon – based Cappagh is now taking the first 40 examples of this latest Loadmaster, 25 being standard front – end tippers with the remaining 15 specified as tipper grabs. Notable too is that Cappagh was also one of the very first customers of the original Loadmaster when it was launched in the mid 1990’s.

Incorporated in 1973, family – owned Cappagh is one of the tipper industry’s major success stories, the company now working across 14 sites located not just within London but also in a triangle between Oxford in the west, Portsmouth in the south and Maidstone in the East.

Principally engaged in utilities, highways, demolition, aggregates, recycling, muckaway and land restoration, Cappagh needs its tippers to be fully on top of every job that comes along. In meeting this demand, Thompsons tipper bodies have played a key role in the company’s development as Conor Ferncombe, grandson of the founder, explains:

“Since its inception, Thompsons’ Loadmaster has been the ‘go – to’ tipper body, the reference point for everything a tipper body should be. Cappagh has been a Loadmaster user right from when it was launched, and by occasionally trying other makes of body, we inevitably come back to Loadmaster simply because it’s the best tipper there is. There are no jobs it cannot handle, and for a highly varied work portfolio such as ours we absolutely need the everyday versatility that Loadmaster provides.

With tippers, you have to remember that it’s the body that does the really hard work, taking the thumps and knocks when loading and all the abrasion when tipping. So reliability is the key. And when we finally sell the truck on, having a Loadmaster body really does guarantee we achieve the best possible residual value. This latest Loadmaster simply takes the story another stage forward.”

As befits the company’s highly valued FORS Gold accreditation, Cappagh’s new Loadmasters introduce further advances too, particularly in regard to safety. For their drivers, all vehicles are now fitted with cab-operated tailgates as well as in-cab, on-screen viewing of the exterior camera images that cover the full 360 degrees around the truck. In addition to nearside and offside warning panels and ‘Sidescan’ audible proximity alerts, Thompsons has also fitted front and rear strobe lights as well as flashing indicator lights that run down the length of the bodies.

Scott added:

“Thompsons and Cappagh have a shared interest in producing the safest tippers we can, these latest 40 examples being clear evidence of our joint commitment.”

Thompsons super-versatile, custom-spec Loadmaster Lites exactly right for Hazell & Jefferies

Thursday, 20th August 2020


Five new Thompsons bodied Renault tippers have now entered service with Berkshire – based Hazell & Jefferies Ltd, the tipper operator saying Thompsons won the business because “Thompsons has an unrivalled ability to understand each and every tipper operation and then respond by producing precisely the bodies that it needs.”

Key to Hazell & Jefferies’ operation is that its tippers have to work over a wide range of duties. One job might see them moving aggregates and crushed recycled products, the next engaged on road planing or hot tar surface dressing. H&J’s Operations Manager Neil Tomlinson says:

“Work can change even in a single day. So what we want is one truck that can be equally successful at everything. With these latest tippers Thompsons gives us exactly this degree of versatility and productivity.”

A notable feature of these latest tippers are that their steel Loadmaster Lite bodies have a longer rear overhang to enable them to easily tip into a hopper or road surfacing machine. To prevent the possibility of rear axle overloads (especially as the trucks have sleeper cabs), their tailgates have then been angled forwards, thereby maintaining the optimal open body dimensions for loading.

Additionally, the air – operated tailgates have also been built with tar chutes, with some of the chassis also featuring automatic couplings for pulling drawbar trailers carrying road planing machines. Completing their tipper specification, the trucks have also been fitted with lightweight Binotto separate ram and tank tipping gears.

Neil Adds:

“The Thompsons / Renault combination is one that really works for us”. These are rugged, hi-spec tippers built for reliability and durability. And a payload of 18,500kgs is fine, given their heavy duty, multi-purpose specification. We’ve dealt with Thompsons for a long time now, and know that their products really do stand up to years of hard work.”

Based in Pangbourne and with a large scale recycling facility at Benson in Oxfordshire, Hazell & Jefferies is a major supplier of road planing and resurfacing work, as well as offering comprehensive services in recycling, skip hire, general highways activities and delivering concrete.

With its new trucks now hard at work, Hazell & Jefferies is already discussing taking a further batch of new Loadmaster Lites before the end of the year.

Scott Burton, Joint Managing Director at Thompsons says

“It’s really important that we give customers tippers that are built and fully finished to their exact requirements. This is the surest way to secure repeat business, and I’d like to thank Hazell & Jefferies for their continuing confidence in both our products and our ability to deliver the tippers that they need.”

L Lynch marks its 40th birthday with a new fleet of Thompsons tippers

Tuesday, 7th July 2020


Established 40 years ago and now a national leader in its field, L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage is marking its four decades in business with the purchase of 14 new Thompsons tippers, ten being conventional front end models with the remaining four as tipper grabs.

Built on 430hp Volvo FM 8×4 chassis, the new trucks are a significant business win for Thompsons’ Croydon factory as Lynch replaces earlier vehicles in its fleet fitted with other makes of tipper bodies.

Stephen Bremner, Lynch’s Head of Transport Services & Compliance, says that:

“For obvious reasons, the business environment today is now more difficult and challenging than ever, in turn we need the most robust, reliable and cost-effective tippers we can get. What matters most is to have really versatile tippers that can work without fuss or compromise on each and every job that comes along. Thompsons bodies have the pre-eminent reputation in the tipping industry whether for build quality, performance or returning the lowest whole life costs. As such, they promise to give us an excellent return on our investment.”

The ten front end tippers all feature Thompsons all – steel single skinned Loadmaster Lite tipper body, whereas the four crane – fitted grab models have been specified with the heavier duty, double skinned full – spec Loadmaster. Between the two types, Lynch’s new tippers are more than capable of handling any task that comes along.

Started by Liam Lynch in 1980 with a single excavator, the company has evolved year on year into a genuine industry leader thanks to a clear vision to be recognised as the ‘Best Operated Plant Hire and Haulage Provider Nationwide’. Complementing the company’s hundreds of items of plant equipment, its 60 – plus tipper fleet is engaged in a wide variety of work, most notably key infrastructure projects such as the recent A14 upgrade in Cambridgeshire and HS2.

Commenting for Thompsons, Joint Managing Director Scott Burton notes:

“We’re delighted to have secured this major piece of business from Lynch, and thank them for placing their trust in us and our products. Our aim is always to deliver increased productivity with greater cost-effectiveness and lower whole life costs, so that operators can actually prove to themselves that buying the best tipper body available pays real long term dividends.

For precisely this reason, Loadmaster further secures its position as the UK’s all – time top selling tipper body.”

Need greater versatility? Thompsons creates bespoke tar bodies for Gem Contracts’ new ’20 reg’ tippers

Tuesday, 17th March 2020


The issue: tippers doing tar work need insulated bodies to keep the load hot. Insulation adds weight, so the bodies are constructed not in steel but in lighter aluminium. However, aluminium is less durable than steel, which therefore limits the type of loads that the truck can carry, reducing its operating versatility. So what’s the solution?

Answer – turn to Thompsons.

And that’s exactly what Gary Morgan of GEM Contracts Ltd of Stirling did for his latest two ’20 reg’ Scania G500 tippers.

Gary says,

“If anyone can come up with an ideal tar body, it’s Thompsons. We bought our first body from Thompsons Scotland a couple of years ago, and it’s been absolutely fault – free with zero downtime. It’s been a perfect product for the job, but now we need to take our trucks a stage further to be similarly successful over a wider range of tasks. So we asked David Penman and his team at Thompsons Edinburgh to give us an optimum bodywork solution.”

Which they duly did, producing two carefully reconfigured bodies mounted on a pair of top – spec sleeper cabbed G500 Scania 8×4 chassis. Despite Gary’s new Tarmac – liveried trucks looking very similar to other examples of the genre, their bodies are different in one key area – the inclusion of a 3.2mm thick steel Hardox floor liner that essentially makes them a highly innovative composite design built in both alloy and steel.

Whilst the floor liner adds to the vehicle’s unladen weight, Gary has offset around 240kgs of this by fitting the Scanias with alloy wheels, as well as a lightweight Edbro CX15 front end cylinder. Empty, the trucks tip the scales at a very respectable 12,400 kgs, thereby allowing a carrying capacity of over 19.5 tonnes.

Gary adds,

“Now equally suited to carrying tar, aggregates and heavier stone products, these new Thompsons bodies significantly extend the range of what our trucks can do. What’s ultimately important to us is a tipper’s whole life costs. This latest body spec promises an increased capacity for work over a pure alloy design, but without the risk of extra maintenance costs or unplanned downtime. Residual values are important too, so we are now investing in trucks that should give us the maximum possible return when we come to sell them.

Thompsons Edinburgh really are masters of their craft, and we’ve already ordered a fifth body from them for our next vehicle due for delivery in September. At that point, all our tippers will be 100% Thompsons!”

Speaking for Thompsons Tippers Scotland, factory manager David Penman comments,

“We’re delighted to have come up with an ideal solution for Gary’s needs. These new bodies demonstrate not only how Thompsons continually evolves its products to meet changing patterns of truck operation, but also that we place particular emphasis on working closely with our customers to really understand and deliver on their requirements.”

“We’re back. After all, Thompsons is still the best” says Dave Roberts. Customers now seeing the benefits of Thompsons automation

Monday, 1st July 2019


Having recently spent over £4m upgrading its factories, Thompsons is now starting to realise the significant benefits of investing in high technology automated production systems. Particularly notable is that these advances are also being quickly recognised by long – standing customers such as D&E Roberts Ltd of Leatherhead in Surrey.

Director Dave Roberts says:

“We’ve long preferred Thompsons bodies, but in the recent past such was the demand for them that we found their delivery times just getting longer and longer, so regrettably we had to look elsewhere. However, we’ve been impressed by the way Thompsons has really tackled the issue head on by committing to such a large investment programme to boost production capacity in their factories.

As a result, we’ve just taken four new Loadmasters into our fleet, three being standard front end tippers, the fourth a tipper grab. And we can see that the new factory systems are bringing other benefits too, because our new vehicles show that Thompsons product quality is now actually better than ever.”

Key areas of Thompsons’ factory improvements are a new Trumpf 3030 laser cutter installed in the Croydon factory that combines not only higher production levels of many individual body parts, but also delivering these to an even higher standard of quality and accuracy. Of perhaps even greater significance, Thompsons’ northern operation in Blackburn has grown still further with the acquisition of a fourth factory, this site now home to a new, automated robot welding system that can reduce the welding time required for bodysides and tailgates by over 80%.

Also just installed at Site 4 is a brand new Trumpf 8600 brake press to ramp up production of full length bodysides. Additionally, state of the art multi-bay paintshops have also been installed in both Croydon and Blackburn.

Reflecting on the biggest investment programme in Thompsons history, Joint Managing Director Scott Burton says:

“last year, every penny of our profits was put back into the business, plus a lot more money as well. Let no-one be in any doubt that we are fully committed to the long term, and to lead the industry in everything that we do. D&E Roberts has been buying our tipper bodies since the early ’90’s, so we are delighted that customers are now recognising the on-going efforts that we are making to boost production capacity and extend even further our product quality. I thank Dave for his renewed confidence in us.”

The latest four Thompsons tippers in the 20 – strong D&E Roberts fleet are now all hard at work providing additional capacity to meet the ever – rising demand for the company’s tipper services.

All the four trucks are based on high power 450hp DAF CF chassis, the three standard tippers each being fitted with a single – skinned steel Loadmaster Lite body and a front end cylinder to give a highly competitive unladen weight of 12,400kgs. In contrast, the grab truck has the full – spec, heavy duty double – skinned Loadmaster body working in conjunction with a Palfinger Epsilon crane. Each vehicle also features a Thompsons air – operated tailgate.

Dave Roberts sums things up by saying:

“Loadmasters have always been the best tipper bodies out there, and now they’re better than ever. In particular, it’s the final fit and finish that really impresses, not least the outstanding quality of the paint. I’m delighted that Thompsons is once again at the forefront of our fleet.”

Power at the front, power at the back. Thompsons hydraulic tailgates offer extra performance on John Stacey’s latest tippers

Tuesday, 18th June 2019


Now running over 50 heavy trucks, Hampshire – based John Stacey & Sons is part – way through an eight vehicle fleet upgrade programme, all of their latest tippers being specified with Thompsons Loadmaster bodies fitted with AutoLift hydraulic ‘power up / power down’ tailgates.

Company director Steve Stacey said:

“We place maximum emphasis on a truck’s versatility, performance and productivity, which for tipper bodies means we inevitably choose Thompsons. Over the years, the heavy duty double skinned Loadmaster has proved to be a remarkable piece of equipment, able to carry anything and everything with next to zero maintenance issues or downtime.

Quite simply, we buy the best tipper bodies we possibly can, so we now specify our Loadmasters with Thompsons’ AutoLift hydraulic tailgate as well. Why? Because they significantly increase the overall performance of the vehicle.”

As the Stacey tippers demonstrate, AutoLift is the ideal complement for the super – tough double skinned Loadmaster. Given that this is a tipper body designed to carry loads such as over-sized rocks, rubble or demolition materials, ejecting such irregular payloads runs the risk of damaging a conventional tailgate with its fixed height hinge and toprail. In contrast, the hydraulic cylinders located in AutoLift’s rear cornerposts not only raise the whole tailgate assembly to create a 25% larger rear body aperture, but also hold the tailgate panel in an open horizontal position. As a result, the whole tailgate assembly is now positioned well clear of the exiting payload.

With the load successfully ejected and the body lowered, AutoLift then ‘powers down’ the tailgate into a fixed closed position secured by lugs on the rearmost side of the corner posts. Operated up and down by a single switch inside the cab, AutoLift therefore makes the whole tipping process easier, faster and safer as well as significantly reducing the possibility of incidental damage to the vehicle.

Steve Stacey added:

“Over the life of the truck AutoLift more than pays for itself. A conventional fixed height tailgate is much more prone to damage which in turn means incurring additional costs for repairs and vehicle downtime. AutoLift also adds to the residual value of the truck when we sell it. In essence, AutoLift makes a modern tipper complete.”

Complete with their 450hp engines, Stacey’s new DAF tippers with their Loadmaster AutoLift bodies deliver a really powerful performance from the front of the truck to the rear. Four of the eight new tippers are now on the road, with another two CFs and two Volvo FMXs to follow. The new trucks also confirm that all the tippers in Stacey’s extensive fleet are now bodied by Thompsons.

Speaking at Thompsons HQ in Croydon, Joint Managing Director Scott Burton notes:

“We’re delighted that John Stacey & Sons is realising the full benefit of using our AutoLift tailgate, and has once again chosen it for their latest eight tippers. With their trucks often having to carry irregular payloads, this is the ideal application for a tipper tailgate that can be raised higher and out of harm’s way when ejecting the load.

Making tipping speedier and safer is really what AutoLift is all about.”

30 new Thompsons Tippers are “a rock solid investment” says Brocklebank Demolition

Tuesday, 21st May 2019


Today, not many privately owned tipper companies will place a single order for 30 new trucks, but for Sheffield – based Brocklebank Demolition Ltd their long – proven experience of running Thompsons tipper bodies gives them every faith in their latest investment.

Company owner Nick Brocklebank says:

“Business is good and we are very busy, but we still have to keep the fleet right up to date. With a tipper, the two things that really matter for us are its total, overall performance and then its residual value after 3 or 5 years of very hard work.

Whatever chassis we go for, the addition of a Thompsons body really makes our tippers winners on both those counts. As such, we know that choosing Thompsons is always a rock solid investment.”

Of Brocklebank’s 30 new trucks, 27 have been fitted with Thompsons all – steel single skinned Loadmaster Lite, followed by two with aluminium bodies. The final vehicle is a tipper grab complete with a full – spec double skinned Loadmaster and an Epsilon crane.

Covering a wide range of tasks from moving demolition spoil and recyclables through to stone and aggregate transport, Brocklebank’s trucks operate throughout the South Yorkshire area and often load and tip more than 5 times per day. When being loaded, the constant, everyday battering of the body’s 5mm Hardox steel floor accrues to an enormous amount of punishment, especially when subjected to repeated impact from irregular items such as crushed reinforced concrete, bricks and random stonework.

Similarly, Brocklebank’s Loadmaster Lites have proved to be exceptionally resistant to abrasion and wear when such loads are tipped out.

All Brocklebank’s new tippers are Scania XT models, and each has also been fitted with a Binotto tipping cylinder – 29 examples being combined front end ram and tank models plus a single underfloor ‘pot ram’ for the tipper grab. A typical specification for this type of tipper, this crane truck features a double skinned full Loadmaster specification for maximum versatility and durability.

Nick Brocklebank comments that:

“This is our biggest single investment in new vehicles ever. Loadmaster bodies are just terrific, and the Lite model especially so. Whatever the job, they can carry anything. They don’t crack, they don’t fail and if ever an issue arises Thompsons is always onto it like a shot. We give our Loadmasters the ultimate test, and they deliver. I’m a total believer – our work really shows what these bodies are built for.”

Speaking for Thompsons at the company’s Blackburn factory, Sales Manager Ian Chaplin notes:

“If ever there was an example of a typical Thompsons customer, it must be Nick. He’s built his business up to be at the very top of its field, and we’re obviously delighted to have played a significant part in that success.

Loadmaster Lite has been the UK’s top selling tipper body for over a decade, and there’s no better advert for it than Brocklebank.”

All – new chassis, same Thompsons body. Why? Because ‘you simply can’t get better than a Loadmaster’ says Ferns Group.

Wednesday, 5th December 2018


The Ferns Group of Maidstone has just put into service its first Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks in their latest 8×4 specification that features a steering rear axle behind the double drive bogie. Yet whilst these new chassis mark a radical change for the company, Ferns was adamant in fitting them with Thompsons’ long proven Loadmaster tipper body.

James Gupwell, Transport Director for Ferns, says:

“There’s no reason at all for us to change from the Loadmaster. We’ve run this body for years, on all our tippers working in whatever application, and there’s nothing to touch it for strength, durability and reliability. Yes, it’s a premium product at a premium price, but its long term value and exceptionally low ownership costs more than make up for that front end expense.

As an added bonus, the residual values for a tipper with a Loadmaster are always notably higher. You simply can’t get a better body than this.”

Operated by subsidiary company Ferns Surfacing Ltd from its north London Wembley depot, the two Econics are seen as an ideal solution for urban tipper grab work. Their large cabs provide unrivalled forward visibility and interior space for the crew, whilst the shorter effective wheelbase than for a typical 8×4 makes for greater manoeuvrability and tighter turning.

With Thompsons delivering the entire bodywork package including installation of the Epsilon Palfinger cranes through to finished paint, Ferns’ latest trucks mark a significant advance in both operating versatility and safety.

Firmly established as the UK’s top selling tipper body, Loadmaster is available in three versions – the full spec Loadmaster, the Loadmaster Lite and the recently launched Loadmaster X – Lite. For the Econics, Ferns chose the first of these, which differ from the others by having a heavy duty, double skinned body with cornerposts front and rear. Ferns also specified each body with a toolbox, wacker carrier and rear towing pin. Fuelled and ready for work, the trucks tare off at a competitive 16,500kgs which, spec for spec, is similar to a standard eight wheeler.

Operating in the closely related fields of surfacing, aggregates, recycling and utilities, Ferns Group works throughout London, the South East and East Anglia. With its surfacing business dealing with over 100,000 roadway and pavement reinstatements per year, Ferns places maximum emphasis on the performance, reliability and safety of its vehicle fleet which is backed up by a continuous investment program that requires all its trucks are replaced within five years.

Accredited to FORS Silver standard, Ferns Surfacing Ltd has also achieved the prestigious CLOCS Champions rating as well.

Speaking for Thompsons, director Scott Burton comments:

“We are naturally delighted to have been chosen by Ferns to help produce this latest advance in their tipper fleet. As the UK’s leading tipper bodybuilder, larger companies such as Ferns increasingly recognise our ability to not only produce bodies of the highest quality but also to project manage new tipper solutions from start to finish.

As such, their new Econics provide ideal testimony to our capabilities.”

Photos: Ferns’ new Loadmaster – bodied Econics are ideal for any surfacing job in London – including pavement repairs outside Buckingham Palace.

Oakfield Plant and Transport’s new fleet of Scania XT Loadmaster Lites,
first on the road in the East Midlands

Thursday, 12th April 2018


Like many tipper companies in the UK, Oakfield Plant & Transport Ltd of Moorgreen, Nottingham marks its total faith in Thompsons tipper bodies by placing regular repeat orders. For its latest ’18 reg’ intake, the company has now arrived at what it considers to be its ideal tipper spec by pairing the long proven, ultra – reliable steel Loadmaster Lite with Scania’s latest XT 8×4 chassis.

With four of these trucks now hard at work, Oakfield has become first fleet to operate XT tippers in the East Midlands.

Transport Manager Alex Bausor comments “as a company we’re always keen to present ourselves as forward – looking and at the very front of our industry. In turn, we want to be seen by our clients as completely professional by embracing all the latest products and available technologies. And whilst most people will see our new chassis first, the fact is that the Loadmaster bodies themselves are just getting better and better too.”

So how does Thompsons’ evergreen Loadmaster Lite tipper body just keep on improving?

Sales Manager Ian Chaplin puts it like this:

“Every year, we invest heavily in our factory technologies to deliver products with higher than ever finished quality. The most obvious recent example of this has been a £500,000 investment into each of our Blackburn and Croydon production sites to equip them with full shotblast and paint facilities. As a result we now have 100% internal quality control from cutting the first metal right through to delivering a fully finished vehicle immediately ready for work. This is what makes Thompsons unique in its marketplace.

Similarly, ongoing investment into all areas of our machine tools from laser cutters to bench presses improves not only the precision, accuracy and quality of all our products but also lets us achieve greater production efficiencies in our factories. Customers such as Oakfield readily acknowledge that not only have the quality of our bodies never been better, but also that they clearly lead the industry.”

Put to work on every type of job from heavy duty site clearance to delivering all types of quarry products, the new XTs with their single skin steel Loadmaster Lites afford an easy 18,500kgs plus payload capacity, notwithstanding a truly ‘top tipper’ spec that includes a high power 450hp engine, auto gearbox and a large roomy cab.

Alex Bausor says:

“Yes, we really want the best trucks we can get, and pairing the Loadmaster with the XT is surely the optimum combination. What ultimately counts though is how much sheer work the truck can deliver for us, so the accent is really on how we can really achieve maximum overall vehicle performance.

Whatever the chassis, we come back for the Loadmaster Lite again and again because its complete reliability gives us zero downtime. Our Lites are also specified with air operated automated tailgates, so not only does the driver not have to get out of the cab when loading or tipping but the whole tipping cycle is speeded up as well.”

Oakfield’s performance criteria also includes how the vehicles slow down and stop too, which is why all the latest quartet have also been fitted with high performance Scania retarders that offer a vast improvement over conventional pedal – only braking operation. As a result, the new tippers offer a significant extra margin in road safety, whilst also reducing potential downtime due to brake fade and overheating.

Presenting Oakfield Plant & Transport with a totally up to date image isn’t just about the company’s choice of vehicle hardware – it’s also about how those trucks actually look. Not only does Alex have the key responsibility for vehicle selection, but with his considerable skills in graphic design he’s also designed their livery too. Alex says:

“Loadmaster Lite’s clean, modern lines create an excellent base on which to create an attractive livery”

What more advantages could a tipper body ever offer?

Charlton – bodied golden Scania celebrates Graham Churchill Plant’s
50 years in business

Tuesday, 12th December 2017


Celebrating 50 years of successful operation, Graham Churchill Plant Ltd has just commissioned a special ‘one-off’ golden cab Scania tipper complete with a lightweight all-steel Charlton SuperLite body.

Based in Silverstone next door to the F1 motor racing circuit, the golden Scania brings the Churchill tipper fleet up to 25 and, special paint job aside, now represents the company’s ideal tipper specification.

“The trucks we want have to be strong enough and tough enough to be able to handle any job we put them to” says Director Karen Henson, adding “whilst still delivering a top class payload. For us, Charlton’s exceptionally durable SuperLite body has proven itself to be the ideal complement to the Scania chassis.

As such, this combination is our clear fleet favourite.”

Delivering a payload of around 19,300kgs, the new truck will typically be employed on short – haul operations around Northants, Bucks and Oxon tipping multiple loads per day which can often be an ever changing mix of stone and aggregates, muck and soil, as well as recycled concrete and demolition materials.

“It’s the 100% versatility factor that we’re after” adds Karen, “and this is why Charlton bodies work so well for us. They’re strong, reliable and totally practical, so their earning power is high whilst their ownership costs are low. People tend to forget that with tippers it’s the bodies that do the really hard work – we’ve had other makes in the fleet but for day in, day out performance nothing really beats the SuperLite.”

Speaking for Charlton, Sales Director Andrew Gunn notes “With their very wide range of tipping operations, Graham Churchill Plant is perhaps the ideal customer for our SuperLite body by clearly demonstrating its outstanding versatility and cost-effectiveness in every tipping application.

Naturally we are delighted to have been chosen to body their special 50th anniversary truck, and wish Graham, Karen and their team every success for the company’s next half century!”

With additional depots in Milton Keynes and Banbury covering Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire respectively, Graham Churchill Plant offers a full range of services backing up its tipper work with plant and excavator hire, skip hire, land reclamation, waste management and recycling.

Coincidentally, the golden tipper is also the 50th brand new Scania truck bought by Churchill’s.

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