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Fox Group gives Thompsons a flying start to 2022 with massive order for 76 new tippers

Blackpool – based Fox Group has given Thompsons the best possible start to 2022 by confirming its latest order for 76 new tippers, all of which will be fitted with Thompsons’ all – steel Loadmaster Lite bodywork…

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Thompsons or Charlton? “We want both” says Michael O’Donnell, owner of MC International Haulage

Decisions, decisions. ‘This body, or that body?’ Which is best? When finalising the bodywork details of his latest batch of top – spec tippers, Michael O’Donnell quickly came to realise it wasn’t a case of choosing…

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Charlton demonstrates its core strengths with Independent Builders Merchant Group

Long established as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist truck bodies to the building supply industry, Charlton is now the preferred bodywork supplier to the rapidly growing Independent Builders Merchant Group (IBMG)…

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Loadmaster Lites deliver big payload plus for McGee’s new fleet of low cab, city – spec tippers

It’s Thompsons bodies once again for McGee as the company takes on a brand new fleet of ten innovative low-height tippers that have been purpose-designed for on-road operations in city and urban environments. And thanks to their latest Thompsons…

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Eight new curved floor Multimasters prove Thompsons the optimal choice for JKS Group

Employing its tippers on a wide portfolio of duties including site clearance and muckaway, the Essex – based JKS Group considers Thompsons’ curved floor Multimaster to be the ideal tipper body to handle the widest range of its ever…

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Lynch debuts their first Thompsons – bodied high visibility urban tippers

Marking a significant advance in the UK tipper industry, L Lynch Plant Hire and Haulage of Hemel Hempstead has just put into service a number of new low entry Scania…

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COVID Statement from the Thompsons UK Team

Once again the UK is in a COVID lockdown. Despite all the limitations that this brings we confirm that Thompsons is, in every way, very much open for business. As such, if you work in tipping, construction, infrastructure, waste or utilities, Thompsons is now more than ever your proven partner…

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Versatility, quality, options and detail. Thompsons aluminium bodies now winning major new business

Long acknowledged as the UK’s leading builder of steel tippers, Thompsons is now carving out a similar reputation for its aluminium bodies. In particular, customers are now…

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COVID: Our ‘Thank You’

For everyone, whether as individuals or in business, 2020 has been a year of unprecedented difficulty; we’ve all had to face challenges and disruptions on a scale unknown in our lifetimes. At Thompsons, we continue to do everything we can to protect and support our employees, our suppliers and our customers in whatever way…

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A SuperLite supertruck! Charlton rocks on the back of Steve Wills’ superb Volvo 8×4 FH 540

Still a stronghold of family-owned transport businesses, England’s far south west boasts some of the most individual and highly specified trucks to be found anywhere in the UK. And no company demonstrates this pride of ownership better than Cornwall’s Steve…

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Thompsons range – leading Loadmaster gets a major update, with Cappagh taking the first 40!

Thompsons has introduced a major upgrade to its range – leading heavy duty Loadmaster tipper body. From now on, this super – tough, double – skinned design is being built without front cornerposts. And the first 40…

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Thompsons Scotland leads raft of new appointments

Thompsons, the UK’s market – leading tipper bodybuilder, is pleased to confirm a wide range of new appointments, the most significant of which being key staff positions at its factory at Kirkliston near Edinburgh David Penman is now appointed General Manager at the site, and is therefore responsible…

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Thompsons super-versatile, custom-spec Loadmaster Lites exactly right for Hazell & Jefferies

Five new Thompsons bodied Renault tippers have now entered service with Berkshire – based Hazell & Jefferies Ltd, the tipper operator saying Thompsons won the business because “Thompsons has an unrivalled ability…

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Thompsons X-Lite steel bodied tippers set to deliver an extra £10,000 revenue for J&J Franks

Surrey quarry owner and tipper operator J&J Franks has just put into service three new tippers fitted with Thompsons’ lightest ever steel tipper body, the Loadmaster X-Lite. Fully fuelled and ready to run, each of these new trucks tares off at just…

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Ashvale’s ten new Thompsons N3 Tippers get top marks for performance, safety and road user friendliness

Part of the M O’Brien Group, Ashvale Haulage of St. Albans has recently put into service ten new Thompsons – bodied ’20 reg’ tippers. Purchased primarily for working in London and on motorways, the new trucks have been…

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L Lynch marks its 40th birthday with a new fleet of Thompsons tippers

Established 40 years ago and now a national leader in its field, L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage is marking its four decades in business with the purchase of 14 new Thompsons tippers, ten being conventional front end models with the remaining…

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Need greater versatility? Thompsons creates bespoke tar bodies for Gem Contracts’ new ’20 reg’ tippers

The issue: tippers doing tar work need insulated bodies to keep the load hot. Insulation adds weight, so the bodies are constructed not in steel but in lighter aluminium. However, aluminium is less durable than steel…

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Team Thompsons ever stronger with new appointments in sales and factories

Market – leading tipper bodybuilder Thompsons has kicked off 2020 with a range of new appointments that make the company ever stronger in today’s marketplace. Of key interest to operators, Thompsons has chosen appoint a second sales manager for…

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Thompsons Group scores 2-0 with Luton’s top tipper team

Given the wide range of tasks they have to handle, choosing exactly the right tipper body spec is rarely easy. For Thomas Bros. Excavations (Luton) Ltd, the choice had to be from either Thompsons or its sister company Charlton.…

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“We’re back. After all, Thompsons is still the best” says Dave Roberts. Customers now seeing the benefits of Thompsons automation

Having recently spent over £4m upgrading its factories, Thompsons is now starting to realise the significant benefits of investing in high technology automated production systems…

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Power at the front, power at the back. Thompsons hydraulic tailgates offer extra performance on John Stacey’s latest tippers

Now running over 50 heavy trucks, Hampshire – based John Stacey & Sons is part – way through an eight vehicle fleet upgrade programme, all of their latest tippers being specified with Thompsons Loadmaster bodies fitted with AutoLift hydraulic…

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30 new Thompsons Tippers are “a rock solid investment” says Brocklebank Demolition

Today, not many privately owned tipper companies will place a single order for 30 new trucks, but for Sheffield – based Brocklebank Demolition Ltd their long – proven experience of running Thompsons tipper bodies…

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Thompsons Scotland’s first Loadmaster X – Lite adds lots more payload to make a tipper that’s ‘just about perfect’

Perhaps more so than with any other type of truck, tipper operators really do know precisely what they want from their vehicles and, in turn, choose their specifications very carefully…

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Thompsons gets a rock solid ’10 out of 10′ from the Gallagher Group

Having operated Thompsons tipper bodies for many years, Kent – based Gallagher Group had little difficulty in once again choosing all – steel Loadmaster Lite bodies for its latest batch of 10 Volvo FMX tippers.…

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“We needed eight, so it had to be Charlton” says leading brick and block carrier Steward Transport.

Having previously built many of its own truck bodies, leading brick and block carrier Steward Transport turned to Charlton to deliver all the bodies for its eight truck fleet update programme…

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Thompsons kicks off 2019 by achieving ‘10 out of 10’ with Holystone

With the addition of two new Loadmaster – bodied Scania XTs, Holystone Civil Engineering Ltd’s truck fleet has reached double figures, with all the company’s tippers now bodied by Thompsons…

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All – new chassis, same Thompsons body. Why? Because ‘you simply can’t get better than a Loadmaster’ says Ferns Group.

The Ferns Group of Maidstone has just put into service its first Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks in their latest 8×4 specification that features a steering rear axle behind the double drive bogie. Yet whilst these new chassis…

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For trucks, tractor units and trailers – Thompsons ServiceTech provides open – ended support to Monks Contractors

One of the north’s leading specialist haulage companies now takes full benefit from Thompsons ServiceTech’s ability to provide the widest range of product support services – for both new trucks and those already hard at work.…

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Charlton delivers the full package for Ovenden’s new super – spec tippers

Kent – based Ovenden Tipper Services has turned to Charlton for its latest batch of tippers, a key reason for this being that Charlton could source and install every part of Ovenden’s particularly high bodywork specification…

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Robinson Road Planing’s mighty 500HP 6×2 Loadmaster delivers higher than ever performance and versatility

Robinson Road Planing Services of Ripon, North Yorkshire, has just put into service a Loadmaster – bodied tipper that delivers an altogether higher level of performance and versatility. The vehicle in question is a 6×2 lift…

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TIP-Ex launch for new Thompsons Loadmaster X – Lite. Latest Hardox 500tuf steel contributes to huge 300kgs weight reduction

TIP-Ex ’18 sees Thompsons launch its most significant new body for a decade – the Loadmaster X – Lite. At some 300kgs lighter than the ever – popular Loadmaster Lite, the success of the new X – Lite with UK tipper operators looks inevitable…

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Unique spec of Collier’s first Thompsons Scotland tipper body designed to carry almost anything!

Long favouring general purpose bulk tipper bodies, Collier Haulage of Cowdenbeath has just acquired its first body built by Thompsons Tippers Scotland. On first glance looking similar to the fleet’s existing examples…

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TIP-Ex 2018 sees Thompsons really losing the kilos, first in aluminium and then with a radical new steel body design

The over – riding theme of the Thompsons stands at TIP-Ex 2018 is losing weight, with two all – new Thompsons products on the company’s main stand in Hall A. The first is an alloy bodied Scania eight…

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Oakfield plant and transport’s new fleet of Scania XT Loadmaster Lites, the first on the road in the east midlands

Like many tipper companies in the UK, Oakfield Plant & Transport Ltd of Moorgreen, Nottingham marks its total faith in Thompsons tipper bodies by placing regular repeat orders. For its latest ’18 reg’ intake, the company has now…

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Thompsons revolutionary 8×4 side tipping grab truck set to deliver massive gains in operating performance

Already the clear leader in the UK’s highly buoyant market for 8×4 tipper grabs, Thompsons has now introduced a novel side – tipping design that will deliver massive gains in operating performance…

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Thompsons welcomes Sheri Gibbons as its new Business Development Manager for the South East

Thompsons (UK) Ltd welcomes Sheri Gibbons as its new Business Development Manager for South East England. Working out of the company HQ in Croydon, Sheri’s role will be to further enhance Thompsons’ reputation for close contact with…

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Charlton – bodied golden Scania celebrates Graham Churchill Plant’s 50 years in business

Celebrating 50 years of successful operation, Graham Churchill Plant Ltd has just commissioned a special ‘one-off’ golden cab Scania tipper complete with a lightweight all-steel Charlton SuperLite body…

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A landmark year for team Thompsons

As we approach Christmas we can reflect that 2017 has been yet another huge year for the Thompsons Group. 2017’s centrepiece event must be the establishment of our factory in Scotland, now up and running with fully trained staff, new shopfloor machine tools and an order book already stretching right through to next springtime…

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A Charlton body for Webster Miller’s ‘New Generation’ Scania Rigid

One of the very first ‘New Generation’ Scania rigids has just gone on the road with Essex – based Webster Miller Ltd. And complementing the truck’s particularly high specification 6×2 lift axle chassis is a bespoke, custom – built platform body designed and installed by Charlton Bodies of Dover…

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Thompsons agrees the purchase of Weightlifter Scotland

The Thompsons Group is pleased to announce the purchase of Weightlifter Scotland from the Weightlifter Group of Companies. Effective from Friday 7th July 2017, Thompsons has taken over all the staff and assets of the previous Weightlifter Scotland business at Royal Elizabeth Yard at Dalmeny…

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Thompsons rocks at Harrogate with a record 30-plus trucks at TIP-Ex!

With over 30 trucks on display, the Thompsons Group made its biggest ever splash at the 2017 TIP-Ex Show, confirming the company as by far and away the UK’s top tipper bodybuilder. But what stood out this year was not just the number of trucks that Thompsons and Charlton brought to Harrogate, but also their variety…

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More of everything from Thompsons at TIP-Ex

With at least 25 tippers coming to the Show, the market – leading Thompsons Group is set to deliver another tip – top performance in Harrogate. But this year the story for Thompsons isn’t just about the number of its trucks on display as there are also significant company developments for everyone to talk about too…

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Now we can do more: Thompsons ServiceTech debuts at TIP-Ex

Reflecting a huge growth in its service and support activities, Thompsons will be introducing its all – new ServiceTech business unit at this year’s TIP-Ex Show. ServiceTech’s mission is to provide operators in the tipping, waste and environmental services industries…

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Body of evidence: New Enviro – Clean tippers demonstrate Thompsons’ coming to Scotland ‘the perfect move’

One of the first truck operators to welcome Thompsons’ announcement that it is to open a tipper factory in Scotland is Enviro – Clean (Scotland) Ltd, a long term user of Thompsons bodies that has just taken another two new examples…

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Thompsons to open a new factory in Scotland

Thompsons, the UK’s leading tipper bodybuilder, is pleased to announce that it is looking to open a factory in Scotland. A number of sites are currently being considered, each being located in the Central Belt area between Glasgow and Edinburgh…

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Charlton’s exceptional product diversity boosts delivery capacity
for Grant & Stone

Grant & Stone Ltd, one of the Home Counties leading builder’s and plumber’s merchants and electrical wholesalers is significantly boosting its delivery capacity with the addition of a variety of new Charlton – bodied trucks…

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Wm. Thompson & Son updates its tipper fleet with curved floor Multimasters for easiest possible load ejection

The latest tippers to join the fleet of Wm. Thompson & Son (Dumbarton) Ltd have all been specified with steel curved floor Multimaster bodies to provide the easiest possible ejection of their loads…

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Greatly enhanced versatility from a new fleet of Charlton Beavertail bodies gives H.E. Services a great start to 2017

Now the largest specialist excavator hire company in the UK, H.E. SERVICES (PLANT HIRE) Ltd is in the process of upgrading its commercial vehicle fleet with a number of 18 tonnes gvw rigids fitted with Charlton ‘PlantLite’ beavertail bodies…

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Thompsons AutoLift hydraulic tailgates add vital productivity to Miller Plant’s new tippers

Thompsons’ determined push into Scotland’s tipper market continues with another high profile ‘convert’ to the UK’s top selling tipper brand. Now on the roads around Aberdeen is an unusually high spec steel Loadmaster body on a 420hp Mercedes…

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Zero to Hero in 3 years – Thompsons eParts racks up its first £1m of sales

Thompsons eParts, the tipper industry’s only internet – based parts facility, has turned over its first £1m of sales, with the business now consistently growing month on month. Three years ago, Thompsons director Simon Shields spotted a potential opportunity to offer a UK – wide aftermarket parts activity that would be entirely new…

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Tippers, Grabs and Hookloaders – The Thompsons Group supplies a full product range to Cook & Son

To maximize its operating versatility, Gatwick – based tipper operator Cook & Son has recently invested in a range of new vehicles with three distinct types of bodywork – standard tippers, tipper grabs and an ultra – high spec hookloader…

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Another four new Charlton SuperLites sees Ardula Group’s fleet reach 50

With the addition of four new Charlton steel – bodied tippers, the fleet of Maidstone – based Ardula Group has just notched up its first half century. Starting off with a single lorry in 1993, the 23 intervening years have seen Ardula’s fleet…

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“It’s rough, tough and very very hard.” That’s why Brocklebank’s new ’66’ tippers are once again Loadmasters

As one of Yorkshire’s leading recycling businesses, Sheffield – based Brocklebank & Co Demolition Ltd knows pretty much all there is to know about operating tippers in some of the most onerous and ‘heavy duty’ applications out there…

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Who today votes for 6×4 tippers? JC Balls & Sons for one – with three top – spec ‘66’ reg Thompsons Stonemasters!

These days, general purpose three axle tippers seem to be a rare breed. Instead, larger 8x4s are deemed to be much more efficient. Is this really the case? “Not at all” says Derbyshire – based JC Balls & Sons, which has just put…

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Thompsons’ continuous investment in people and plant makes Blackburn the UK’s number 1 tipper town

Who would have thought it? Back in 2000, no tippers at all were built in Blackburn. Today, 16 years later, it’s the No1 tipper town not just in Lancashire, but anywhere in the UK…

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Murdoch’s Loadmasters introduce Volvo FMX 8×4 with lifting rear axle

Here at Thompsons, we’re really a modest lot – which is why in this news release the UK’s top selling tipper body isn’t the main focus of our story! Rather, it’s J&M Murdoch’s latest tipper chassis that are particularly newsworthy…

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Charlton SuperLite’s class – leading payload potential maximizes G.Webb’s productivity and versatility

Cambridgeshire tipper operator G. Webb has just put into service two new Charlton bodied eight wheelers that deliver a class – leading payload of over 19.6 tonnes. Why is this so special? Simply because whilst this figure is routinely…

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A tipper that’s truly exceptional – Andy Reed’s ‘Double Dutch’ Loadmaster

Once in a while, a truck comes along that is a true jaw – dropper. A ‘stop you in your tracks’ vehicle that, in every way, re-boots your imagination as to what the highest possible execution of a commercial vehicle might actually look like…

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How to get lucky? Choose Thompsons, choose Volvo. Then finely tune for maximum operating versatility

Another four Thompsons – bodied eight wheelers have just joined the fleet of Kent – based Mark Luck Transport, bringing their total number of rigid tippers up to 45. With every truck chassis in the fleet now carrying a steel Thompsons Loadmaster…

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Thompsons Group tops the lot at TIP-Ex 2016

With a total of 25 vehicles on display, the Thompsons Group easily out – shone all other tipper bodybuilders at last week’s TIP-Ex Show in Harrogate. Visitors to the Show took every opportunity…

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John Hayes shows how to spec a perfect tipper, with a body of evidence all in Loadmaster’s favour!

Today, Thompsons all – steel Loadmaster tipper body is more popular than ever. Even for customers buying a single example, again and again Loadmaster really is the heart of their truck…

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Thompsons TOTAL – the future of Tipper industry aftercare

TIP-Ex 2016 sees the introduction of ‘Thompsons TOTAL’ – the UK’s first fully comprehensive aftercare package for tipper trucks and their bodywork. As the clear market leader for sales of new tipper bodywork…

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‘Local in Lancashire’ makes Thompsons – bodied DAF tippers ideal for Blackledge Plant Hire

“Our tipper bodies are made eight miles away in one direction, our truck chassis five miles away in the other” says Keith Blackledge, owner of Blackledge Plant Hire of Bamber Bridge, just outside Preston…

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Why Thompsons is more popular than ever with smaller tipper operators

With its business increasing by a factor of eight over the last 15 years, much of Thompsons success has been due to its ability to provide large numbers of bodies to the tipper industry’s biggest fleets…

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New Paymaster trailer and Thompsons Total are key attractions at TIP-Ex 2016

Launched at the start of the year, Thompsons all – new Paymaster tipping trailer will be one of the highlights of this year’s TIP-Ex Show. Shown in the livery of Hurt (Plant Hire) Ltd, Paymaster is purpose…

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Thompsons and Pegasus create a joint first with a Tridem tipper grab

The first Thompsons – bodied Volvo Tridem tipper grab has just gone into service with Midlands – based Pegasus Grab Hire. Configured with a lifting and steering rear axle behind its double drive bogie…

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The Allan Burton Memorial Foundation – the nominated charity for TIP-ex 2016

Reflecting its industry – leading significance, each year the TIP-Ex Show features a nominated charity which has the specific aim of raising money for good causes, the said charity inevitably having a direct relationship…

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DJ Grab’s ‘Batman’ the latest Thompsons – bodied Superhero

Not much more than a stone’s throw from Gatwick airport reside all our favourite fantasy SuperHeroes. Whilst SuperMan, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and others have been there for some time, this month Batman has arrived too…

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What the Dickens? Thompsons delivers its first alloy Sandmaster body to Moreton C. Cullimore

Carefully specified to deliver optimum payload and performance, this month sees one of the UK’s best known tipper operators taking its first ever Thompsons alloy body for an 8×4. One of a trio of new 8×4 tippers in the 50…

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Fully restored Scania T-Cab heralds a Thompsons fleet renewal for KW Purvis

With tipper specifications often seemingly more elaborate and impressive than ever, these days it takes a truck that’s really special to stand out from the crowd. A vehicle that at least in the UK is perhaps as rare…

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Thompsons starts 2016 by launching its first tipping trailer

Thompsons, the UK’s leading tipper bodybuilder, kicks off 2016 with its most significant new product for many years – its first production tipping trailer. Called Paymaster, the new trailer has been designed with one key objective…

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Hyva / Thompsons Hookloader combination offers unmatched versatility

Sometimes, a straight tipper is best. At others, a hookloader. So which to have? For Fuller Grab Hire of Smallfield, Surrey, the answer they wanted was as near as possible to ‘Both’…

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‘Versatility First’ for Clancy’s new Charlton Beavertail

Strong, sturdy and unfailingly reliable, Thompsons evergreen Loadmaster remains the UK’s top selling tipper body. Why? Because what really attracts many operators to the defining product of Thompsons’ tipper range is its sheer versatility…

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Tippers ‘R’ Us? Yes, but only with a Thompsons Loadmaster body!

Based at Kesgrave just outside Ipswich, TIPPERS ‘R’ US is now one of the UK’s most dynamic and far – sighted tipper operators, with the firm currently investing huge sums in its expanding its whole portfolio of premises…

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Super-spec Charlton crane truck has the ability to move almost anything

Charlton Bodies of Dover has just delivered one of its most comprehensively equipped multi – purpose platform bodies ever to Bristol – based DB Plant & Lifting Ltd. Mounted on an 8×2 Scania chassis, the new truck gives…

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Once again, Charlton’s Quarrymaster is the rock solid tipper body choice for Bristol & Avon Group

Resplendent in their highly visible orange colour scheme, another batch of hi-spec tippers is joining the ever growing fleet of Bristol & Avon Group. And, once again, the company has chosen Charlton’s heavy duty Quarrymaster body above all others…

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It’s a record – 1,150 Thompsons bodies for LC Vehicle Hire!

Thanks to its current order for over 100 new tippers this year, LC Vehicle Hire of Leeds has established a new record for Thompsons tipper bodies going to a single customer by making a total of 1,150 such purchases since 2002…

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Allied’s Loadmaster ‘double take’ demonstrates perfectly why this is the UK’s most versatile and popular tipper body ever

Strong, sturdy and unfailingly reliable, Thompsons evergreen Loadmaster remains the UK’s top selling tipper body. Why? Because what really attracts many operators to the defining product of Thompsons’ tipper range is its sheer versatility…

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Paint our wagon! Hague plant’s ruby red loadmaster celebrates their 40th in great style

How has one of the UK’s leading regional plant and tipper businesses celebrated its 40th year in business? With an absolutely top-spec, ruby red Thompsons tipper of course…

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Thompsons makes a key fleet breakthrough – with Thompsons!

Thompsons, the UK’s leading tipper bodybuilder, has just achieved a major breakthrough with one of northern England’s major tipper operators – Thompsons of Prudhoe. Two new FMXs with all – steel Loadmaster Lite bodies have just entered…

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Ultimate spec, ultimate performance. Thompsons super-strength bodies the only choice for Jim Jamieson’s amazing tippers!

Only occasionally do you come across a road transport operation that does things entirely its own way, completely at odds from the norm of accepted practice. Yet in the often less than glamorous world of tippers, one Scottish quarry…

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